About me

My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely!

I am the ultimate dreamer. I want to travel the world and try a little bit of everything. I’ve already stroked a shark (a fact I am extremely proud of), so the next step would be to ride an elephant or a camel, swim with a dolphin, talk to a Shaolin Monk or sky dive… But everything by its right time. Currently working on my bucket list and dream board so I’m hoping that works well…

I am impressed by the way people think, how they act and generally why we are the way we are…  Yeah, that sounded really deep…

Anyway, I love photography. I think it is extraordinary that you can capture a truly beautiful moment and make it last a life time. To be completely honest I don’t think I am that good  of a photographer (closer to horrible than to good) but I try, it helps that my little brother actually studies photography so if he is in a good mood I can get an advice or two.

Another thing I could most definitely put in my “love list” is social media. It’s fascinating that you can meet and talk to people from all over the world, share random facts (pretty sure this blog proves exactly that!), constantly learn new things and even become friends. It also lets you keep in touch and share your experience with your existing ones, friends that is. Yeah, summarized  in one word social media simply “RULZ” 🙂

So let me continue with the random facts. I love music – classical, hip-hop, pop, blues, rock, etc. – you name it. However, for your own health sake do not ever ask me to sing for you… unless you are the host of party and you want all the guests to leave your house … immediately.


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