Days 50 and 51

9 days till my holiday! Can’t wait!

Now as to my 60 days challenge – it’s not been going as initially planned. But as I said 6 days a week isn’t really working out for me…But on the upside it has really made me get off my ass and get back into it. Day 50 aka Wednesday I  didn’t go to the gym as I’m preparing for an exam and for the time being that’s a bit more important, but did manage to drag myself out of bed this morning and go to body circuit class… There were 18 people there! Most of which were there for the first time and then I realised that it’s the begging of the month and after most people’s holidays… I so would’ve been one of them and then given up after a month or two of inconsistent training. But I’ll keep this up, not 6 days a week but I can see an easily doable 4-5 days a week 🙂

Days 50 and 51 done.


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