Days 32 – 35

I know that it’s been a long time since my last post but it’s not because I haven’t done anything (okay, maybe that was the reason for the weekend lack of correspondence). I did go to the basketball practice on Monday evening, which was exhausting! I had to pull myself together as Monday was such a hectic day at work and I had a horrible headache, honestly I just didn’t feel like going anywhere else but towards my bed. Anyway, I pulled some motivation from God knows where and did go. Throughout the whole training I didn’t even think about work, my headache almost instantaneously disappeared and all I could think was I’m tired and my muscles ache…  Overall, a great result! And, yes, I’ve read all those articles out there saying that exercise can relax you and cure your headaches and all that, but really, how often do you think “My head hurts – I should go for a run.”? Well, personally my line of thoughts in these situations is more along the lines of – painkillers, bed and movie.

Tuesday was slightly better as I had a training day meaning I didn’t have to be up until 6:30am to go to the gym (compare that to 5:40am!). The session was only core related with combinations of sit ups, v sit ups, reverse sit ups, Russian twists and side bends all with various weights. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but I genuinely can’t remember what exactly I did (or know the name of the exercise!).

Today I’m going to the gym after work, not sure what I’ll do just yet but might try this one – Woman’s Health – The Ultimate Boot-Camp Workout


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