Day 29

I couldn’t sleep last. I kept turning and tossing so I just couldn’t face going to the gym this morning so I had to do in the afternoon. I have to say in the passed few weeks I’ve grown to love my weekdays morning exercise routine and so when I have to go in the afternoon it almost feels a bit weird.

So today was very much core orientated day.
3 quick sets of 20 crunches with 8 kg bar filled by 20 Russian twists with 5kg weights
3 quick sets of 10 Elevated plank up and plank down filled by 10 seconds quick mountain climbers on a step
3 quick sets of combination of 15 palms in shoulder press and side bend with 5 kg in each arm in each side followed by 7 sit ups with 4kg ball
And finished with a single set of 20 Russian twists.

I cannot believe that I’m almost half way through my 60 day challenge! It’s gone so quickly and excluding couple of odd days it has been very exciting and I’ve felt great. Just one thing I really got to change now and that’s my diet. Although I can see some changes in my body they’re not even close to what I’d like to look like now, so that’s gotta be done. And Tom booked us a holiday so we’re now definitely going to Majorca on 12th September!

Day 29 done!


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