Day 11

Another day – another trip to the gym and with a gym buddy as well! It was a lot easier to get my boyfriend to join me than last week, today he just volunteered :-). And the workout with him was great, as last time he pushed me that bit harder:
5 minute warmup run – about half a mile.

3 sets of 12 Standing dumbbell bicep curls with 6kg (was going to go with 4 but was pushed by Tom to get heavier weights, he’s a useful gym buddy).

3 sets of 10 Assisted dips (50kg assist -a step up from the 54kg assisted I started with)

3 sets of 10 Assisted wide grip pull ups (50kg assist)

3 sets of 15 Raised crunches (I kept hitting my wall at 10 so the last 5 of the sets were really hard to do)

3 sets of 30 seconds Rope pull down.

3 sets of 15 Resistance seated crunches (23kg, 27kg, 32kg)

3sets of 10 Resistance back raises (73kg).

I know that it’s only been 11 days but I can already see slight changes to my arms, legs and bum and it feels great! That had to be celebrated with a night out in the town wearing my new trousers and heels!



Day 11 done.


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