Day 10

I was so tired this morning that I just couldn’t wake up to go to the gym, so had an extra hour of sleep and felt a lot more refreshed by the time I got to work. But at the same time today was the first time when I actually WANTED to go to the gym, it was Ana amazing feeling. And I really went for it – an hour and 40 mins!
3 sets of 15 modified push ups (knees on the ground) followed by 30 seconds full push up position plank.
3 sets of 20 chest flyes (10 with 4kg weights followed by 10 with 2 kg).
3 sets of 15 reverse lunges on each leg with 2kg weights.
3 sets of 20 squats with 2kg weights followed by 15 sec chair pose.
3 sets of 8 slow roll ups.
4 sets of 10 side reaches on each side.
3 sets of 8 sits ups with legs off the ground.
3 reps of boat poses for 8 breaths.

I found this programme on Woman’s Health and if I manage to find it again I’ll link it – it’s great. I ache everywhere and barely managed to open my locker as my hands were shaking that much and I feel amazing!

Day 10 done!


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