Day 4

Slightly delayed post but I ended up falling asleep before writing anything… So yesterday I managed to drag my boyfriend for a run and it was evident that we’re both extremely out of shape. However, we did go for a 1.5 mile jog with 4 sprints of about 80 meters half way through the jog. We did have a short break when we finished the sprints but that point we were both panting and exhausted.
Running with him was a great idea because it pushed me that bit more and honestly I was embarrassed to stop no matter how much I wanted to do that at some point (later I realised he felt exactly the same way :-D).
Day 4 done and we’re already day 5.

Finally got to do my measurements!
Waist – 80cm
Hips – 110cm
Thighs – 62cm
Bicep rested – 12cm
Stomach – 98cm


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