Day 2

6am start… Man, am I bad at waking up early or am I bad at waking up early! It did help that was knackered last so I was asleep by 10:15 (compared to the usual midnight). Oh and as I only managed to leave the house at 6:20 I was late for the Pure Circuit class I booked… But that’s okay, I’ll just have to wake up earlier tomorrow – problem solved.
So today’s training involved 2K running + short intervals with brisk walking (have to say running is definitely my weakest side and thing I probably dislike most!), that took about 14:30 minutes. That was followed by 5.2 mile hill intervals bike ride for about 20 minutes and was always conscious to keep my hearth beat between 156 and 170. Obviously finished with streching.

I have to say I’m feeling tired bit good and I have an hour to shower and go to work..I might even be early!

Oh and starting weight was 85.5kg, size 14 and as to my other measurements I’ll have to take them tonight.


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