The 60 day “Get Fit” challenge and day 1

Okay, my laziness has gone too far. I have a summer holiday coming and a wedding to attend to so I need to be looking and feeling top notch by them. And here it is – my 60 day challenge. I’m not aiming to any particular weight or size (although a 6 pack wouldn’t go amiss) but to be active 6 days a week with 1 day of rest. The end date of the challenge is 12th September only because that’s around the time I’m going to my holiday (haven’t chosen the holiday yet but I’m going to travel agent this weekend – I know old fashioned, but there’s just so much choice!).

Now, my problem is that I get excited about something for few weeks and then my motivation tends to dwindle and eventually I give up. So putting this blog out there where anyone can read it is like my guilt button for every time I feel like my motivation starts to dwindle.  It will be like giving up in front of the whole world (even if no one reads this). It’s all in my head, right?

So I’ll be adding a blog every day keeping track of my exercise and out of curiosity at the end will compare my size, weight and measures. And here we go – off to the gym.

Day 1.
1K warm up; 12 squads with 4kg weight + 10 push ups x 3; 10 one legged hip raises on each leg + 10 push ups x 3; 10 pull ups + 10 dips on the pull up machine with 54kg taken off x 3; and streching.
Took about 40 minutes overall and I was absolutely knackered. Perfect.


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