Thoughts over a cuppa

Learn, explore and evolve
get your body, get your brain involved.

Be secretly proud
or openly wild.
Be bold, be free
be a grown up child.

Drink a cuppa of tea
and listen to the roars of the deep blue sea.
But is is really the sea
or your inner voice telling you to make choice.
Telling you to flee the boredom
and rid yourself of that bloody warden.

And even standing still
and even with the lack of another cup refill
you can run free
and be the yellow bee in the flower
and be the windmills’ wind power.

The world is as big as you make it
you can travel in space
and win the car race
or you can listen to your mind warden
and win the first place in boredom.

So go learn, explore and evolve
be everything and more.
And don’t forget
to give your inner child the needed respect.


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