Psychopaths are fascinating creatures!  

Obviously if we ignore the fact that some have had the tendencies to brutally and mercilessly kill innocent people they can actually be rather helpful in the society.

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter is considered as one of the most famous movie psychopath.

It’s not a secret that CEOs, lawyers and even surgeons can have psychopathic traits. With CEOs and lawyers it’s easy to imagine that they can lie cold bloodedly and be ruthless without feeling remorse or being scared of the moral or legal implications. Egocentric and manipulative does sound like the type of people who go into those lines of work. Taking risks can be considered as only an interesting game in which no matter the outcome they are still left entertained. Being ruthless definitely has its benefits, don’t you think? As to surgeons you might think that I’m just throwing that there but think about it – calm under a lot of pressure, taking risks when needed, people with shallow emotions and possibly lack of empathy. How do you think a highly emotional person would deal with if their actions killed another human being on the operation table? Or if they can’t deal with the pressure and suddenly they have to take a life or death decision in a split second? To be completely honest I would prefer a cool-minded person to take those decisions, not somebody flustered with emotions.

When you think about it there’s a lot that we can learn from them. In a day-to-day situation imagine that you’re on an interview. Everybody gets a little bit nervous before it and in your stressed situation you forget to say something important or couldn’t think of how to answer to a particular question (obviously the perfect answer pops up in your head half an hour after the interview, but that’s completely different story!). Now imagine – you’re perfectly cool, charming and if a question that pops up that you don’t quite know the answer you manage to find a way to answer it or surpass it, and let’s be honest if you can lightly manipulate the interviewer to be more inclined to take you on board that wouldn’t be such a horrible thing would it? It’s just a shame that I don’t have psychopathic traits.

So my initial statement still stands – psychopaths are fascinating and hopefully with enough practice we can learn one or two useful thing from them.


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