Do you have all your marketing eggs in one basket?

No business can successfully exist without a comprehensive, well-informed marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy affects the way you run your entire business and directly influences the end result, e.g sales, turnover, profit etc. However, if you rely on only one marketing strategy the chances are that you are putting all your eggs in one basket. What is your back up plan if that strategy doesn’t have the desired effect?

The answer is easy –  make sure that you prepare and use 5 – 10 strategies at the same time. Whether that will be social media, PPC, newspaper ads, radio ads, networking, referrals, SEO, telemarketing and direct mail or something else. One thing you should not forget when using various strategies is that your message should be kept consistent at all times, don’t confuse your audience.


 “It is all about marketing; that is where the real craft comes in. The best actors do not necessarily become the biggest stars. And vice versa.”                    Dirk Benedict


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