Paralysis by Choices

choicesHave you even stopped for a second and thought about all of the choices we have to do every day, every hour even?

For me that isn’t necessary a topic I think about, however every so often I just wish that somebody just chooses for me! Think about it your every waken moment is spend on choosing something – will you snooze or get up as soon as the alarm goes off; what will you wear; go for a run or visit the gym; start with your hardest tasks or the easiest ones; coffee, tea or water; holiday in Spain or Crete…  and so forth! The thing is that we do most of those decisions without even thinking about it anymore. One of our defence mechanisms is to choose same option over and over again. At the end of the day why fix something when it’s not broken, or choose something that end up not liking, when your regular option is keeping you content?

Sometimes we’re so afraid to make a choice that we just don’t make it, we get paralysed from all those different options. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to go 100 years back when you had only 1 option, your choice was completely taken away from you… no sorry – most people didn’t even know what that was. I don’t want to go to the shop and ask for long check trousers size14 from the tall section and the answer to be – I’m sorry we only have short black trousers size 10 from the petite section. I want to be able to choose, but I don’t want to be overwhelmed by the 15 different types of check trousers in my size.

The thing is that walking out from the shop I might have the best product ever – the best fitting trousers in my life; the greenest bag for life; or the best toothbrush there is, but I will always wonder if one of the other options wasn’t better. There always be that little devil telling me that I could’ve gotten something better.

What does that lead to then? Despite the fact that we’re given all those options so we can choose the best one for us, we will never be completely satisfied as there could’ve been something better (or there will be at some point in the close future). So at the end I’ll just choose not to choose.



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