Who needs normal anyway?

Who needs normal anyway?

It’s just a simple word standing in our way.

People try and fit the norm

try and tick all the boxes in the “form”.

Very few of us live the life they truly want

and not really they put the modern front.

So we twist and turn to fit the bar

so people think – you normal are.

But why, I ask you now

to be judged by other we allow?

And when we took the turn;

when we crashed and burned?

When we all decided that the dreams we had as kids

are just the landing skids,

of the reality that will accept us?

And who says what’s normal really,

when you have a water lily

and fish as black as dead with all the colours of the rainbow all at once?

So I say take the normal out,

put it in a side, because

normal is boring,


Normal is …. Blah!


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