Take a hint!

Have you noticed how men just can’t seem to get the hint?

By “The Hint” I mean ANY hint. It’s almost like they have a hint impenetrable wall, a hint firewall…. No hint shall pass! …. Ok, maybe I went a bit too far with it. But seriously, how many times have you hinted your man/dad/brother about something and they just let pass by?
Let me give an example – around Christmas I sent a link to a webpage to my brother. A link  to a pair of shoes I loved (I know girls and shoes, so stereotypical … get over it!) and I mentioned that I really liked them. Closer to Xmas I literally went to him  saying I would really like to have them for a Christmas present…. Guess what – 1 day before Christmas he went to our mother with the words – I really have no idea what to get my sister! Do you see what I mean?!

It’s almost like we, women, have evolved into creatures, so special that when we speak, the intentions behind the words we say are transmitted in mysterious to the men ways….

One more quick example. A guy, who I went out with, asked me out for a second date, and I just said that we could ALL go out one day (by all I meant all the people we usually go out with), and guess what his response was – “Ah, ok. But do you want to go out on a second date?”. Seriously? Is it just me and my female friends that think that men are sometimes useless?

I have a lot more stories, but I think you got the just. BTW that’s not some random rant against men. If you guys disagree, please let me know. If you think, or if your experience says otherwise, i.e. that girls can’t seem to get the hint ( oh and her turning her back to you when you’re hinting some naughty cuddles under the covers is usually called ignoring and not inability to get a hint 😉 )


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