The Secret! – Shhh!

Recently I saw a movie called “The Secret”. I know it sounds very Da Vinci Code, but it’s not – I promise 🙂
The whole idea is that when you align your thoughts and send them to the Universe (I know – so metaphysical!, but bear with me) whatever you think of comes back to you. It doesn’t necessary have to be actual worded thoughts, but from what I got the feeling is WAY more important.

Obviously you have to train your brain to think positively 99% of the time or it won’t work properly (the Universe clearly doesn’t like mixed messages, who would’ve thought?). Thinking positively about money will bring you money (well – that’s the idea at least), but you have to agree we don’t tend to think so positively. It’s more a case of “Oh, I don’t have enough money, I’d really like to win the lottery”. That’s negative, you should transfer that to “I’m happy with … (whatever you want – love life, family, job, hobby) and I’d really like to have £/$/ € 200 000 by the end of the year.” . Oh and stick with it (remember the thing I mentioned about the mixed messages?). Apparently it works with any wish – I want love in my life, new job, new car, better s e x life (please queue for that one!) etc.

The production of the movie I saw wasn’t particularly amazing, kind of cheese really, but some good ideas came out of it. In all fairness I did give a try at work and seemed to work (or it was some bizarre coincidence!). My advice is start small – if you’re going on a date repeatedly think – “this will go well” “We’ll have a lovely time” until you actually believe it yourself. Who knows the Universe might get sick of you repeating the same thing and actually make your wish come true? I’m currently working my way up on the wish ladder so will see how that goes. Remember the Universe is not a genie so you’re allowed way more than just 3 wishes :). The thing is that even if the Secret doesn’t really work I found out that when I’m concentrating on the good stuff of my life or day etc. I don’t tend to pay as much attention to the bad one or not so satisfying ones, so I genuinely feel better.

I only mentioned the movie in the beginning so you can try and find it and watch it, as I said the production isn’t necessary great, but the overall idea is interesting and I’m pretty sure it works. Besides, what do you really have to loose when you’re thinking positively? Oh no! – You might end having a slightly brighter, happier day – oh the torture of that experience!


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