It’s all so new…

Some food for a thought – this year the world wide web will celebrate 22 years (it could be 21, ironically there’s not one definite answer on the web about that!). Either way it’s younger than me, which to be completely honest is kind of scary! Google is still a teenager at15 this year, LinkedIn is going to be 10, Facebook 9 and Twitter only 6.

The digital world is so young. We have seen many companies grow up and change the world rapidly, innovation has come from the most unexpected places, ideas are being born every day. The funny thing is that despite the fact that the Internet is so young, it is practically impossible to live without it, we are completely and utterly dependent on it, just think about it. Most of us work on the Internet, we keep in touch with our friends, we express ourselves, find information; it has made our life so much easier. We all know that one aspect of it is really destroying us, come on, there’s even a Google syndrome (check it – it’s a real thing), but I don’t want to concentrate on that right now.

Let’s think about all of the information we have access to on the touch of our fingertips. When people had to research something 25 years ago they had to spend days in the library to find the exact thing they needed. When we had go contact someone on the other side of the Earth we had to write letters, because, well calling was pretty expensive and the chance to wake them up in the middle of the night was very high, believe me I know 🙂

Oh and I haven’t even mentioned YouTube and all of the other various social media websites. If we speak of improvement and innovations, what about of the advanced technology used in in computers, cars, bicycles and what else not nowadays? Amazing, don’t you think?

So to finish this rumble of thoughts, I am so excited to see what the next big thing to come and change our lives will be. Will we be able to travel from UK to Australia for mere 3 hours or will the robots take over the world? Are we going to find cure to HIV, will my exercise consists of lying in bed and a machine moving all my mussels at once creating 10 times better workout? I don’t know, but I am sure excited to find out 🙂

P.S. You can see the history of the Internet on this really nice infographic, the link to the original article for it is here


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