Employ the person with the lowest level of skills? You must be joking…



Recently came upon a book called the E-myth. To be completely honest, business books are generally not my thing, they are usually very dry and tedious, but this really grabbed my attention. 


One of the ideas mentioned was that a small business shouldn’t depend on extraordinary, highly skilled people, but on ordinary people possessing the lowest possible level of skill (of course if there’s a need of a marketing person, they should know what that is, so need to have some related to the job title/description/duties skills, and not none whatsoever!)… Very interesting, I though, it’s not something I’ve ever considered. I’ve always believed (and my experience shows exactly the same) that business prefer people with years of experience, who are highly educated and already proven in their field, in other words – people who can do all the work instead of the owner/manager etc. 

But then again, if the WHOLE business or department depends ONLY on one person’s extraordinary skills, what happens when this person is not “in the mood”, or is not motivated? Owner’s work is starting to fall behind. But if the business is intentionally build around the skills of ordinary people, the owner will be forced to ask the difficult questions about how to produce results without extraordinary people. The owner will be forced to find a system that produces extraordinary results with ordinary people over and over again (just see McDonald’s!). The business won’t be dependant on somebody’s mood, but on a well organised system.

And think of it – it’s cheaper and not so experienced people might find better solutions to the business problem, you know looking with fresh eyes on it. 

Of course I’m not saying that highly skilled people are not needed in the workplace, but I think those ones should be a trademark of the bigger companies 🙂 


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