The indecisive me, or the war of my inner MEs.

Why don’t you sit down and think for a second who are you NOW. And I mean in this very moment. That might seem as a very weird question, but don’t worry – there’s a reason for it.

A while ago I was reading a blog explaining how our brains work and all the processes we go through to make a decision. My very low techy interpretation and expansion of the theory is that we have many people, a whole lot of them actually, living inside of our head. And no, I don’t mean that in a crazy way or identity disorder kind of way. I mean it in an every day decisions and reacting to different situations kind of way.

Think about it … For example, my sporty person has just showed up after couple of months of laying low in vegetation. She is the one who makes me go to the gym, eat healthy and stop any kind of alcohol.

Her opposite is the lazy person. She is the one who enjoys staying at home, watching movies, reading books and generally sit around. I have the party girl, the shy one, the smart one, the genualy crazy (making no sense whatsoever) person and so much more. To be honest I probably posses a whole village.

The interesting thing is that when we say ” I ” or “me” we always mean the person we’re in this very moment, because the person that shows up 10 minutes later will think and believe completely different things.

How many times has is happened that you over promise something? You would help a friend move or a colleague with their work, or to help you brother with his homework, to go out with your friends …and when the time comes for you to do that, the voice inside your head whispers “Oh damn! Why did I even promised to do that?!” ? How many times have you promised yourself to wake up 1 hour earlier to go for a run and end up excusing yourself in the mornings “because it’s too cold/wet outside.”? And then again, how many times you’ve said you were “never going to do that” and end up doing it anyway because you “felt like it” at the time?

I bet you can give plenty more examples of all that mini village living in your head.

As a conclusion I think that we just have to understand ourselves and accept all the action in our head, so when it’s time for our personalities to fight for the spot light we are prepared for the war.


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