What’s your goal?

Most of my friends, no let me rephrase that – ALL of my friends, me included have some goals in their lives. These range from anything as simple as buying a new car to as complicated and as grand as being one of the best, most important and rich people in the world (he is an overachiever, but the most motivated and focused person I’ve ever met in my whole life!).

Anyway, the actual goal it’s not that important, it’s the fact that you’ve sat down, though about what is that you really want and figure out a way of how to get it. The process is as important as the actual final result. Let me ask you a question – how often is it that you sit down and think about the things that you REALLY want?  Now, how often do you think of HOW you’re going to achieve it? Do you really think of the way you going to get to your ultimate goal, or is your thinking process as simple as saying I want this or that?

We usually have an idea of what we want. For example, I would love to go to the Maldives, and do a road trip around USA, bungee jump and sky dive, I want to be one of the best specialists in my field and few more things. So I have the “I want” part sorted. The tougher piece came after, and that was the “how” part. For me, I will spend more time reading about everything new in marketing, try harder than anyone else at the office, learn from everybody and everything, cut down on my Facebook time. I will save up enough money to allow myself the holidays I want. I will have to fight my fear of the height, fight it and accept it (believe me that takes time and effort!) so I can bungee jump or sky dive.

I would find it really hard to live my life without having an aim, a path I can follow so I can grow and be better, so I have more fun and enjoy life to the fullest possible (at the end of the day we only have 4000 weeks life span – think about that!). Setting myself these goals, and achieving them is like achieving a small conquest, I feel like I’m on top of the world. EVERY TIME.

Oh and one more thing – always, always make new goals and find new ways to challenge yourselves.


So… what’s YOUR next aim?




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