Einstein in a pretty dress? Or what Marketing means for me.

I’ve been asked few times what Marketing is, to define it and describe it.

And there are A LOT of definitions that are all good and well written, but that’s not what I want to talk about in this post. I want to say what Marketing means for ME.

First and most of all, marketing is a form of ART, unconventional, creative, smart and beautiful form of art. Especially nowadays. You can see so many paintings, pictures, campaigns and slogans beautifully telling a story in a way that is easily translatable to the general public. They have to be creative and memorable so they leave a bright and clear mark in the consumer’s mind. They have to be different, unique and smart because the world we live in today is so very much commercialised and filled in with unique marketing campaigns that our brain just can’t remember them all.

However, that’s not all. Marketing is more than just being pretty, witty and unique art, it’s also a SCIENCE  It’s measuring and testing, because how will you know if your newly and oh so beautiful campaign is working, of whether or not actually people think is unique and smart enough to store in their internal hard drive called brain? Marketing is investing, both money and time. Experimenting with different elements, mixing and matching what works and what- not.

So that is Marketing for me. It’s a very fine mixture of pretty art and smart science, almost like Einstein in a pretty summer dress (it would draw your attention, wouldn’t it?). What is Marketing for you?


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