Decisions and regrets

You know how there are some decisions that we regret and can’t get rid of the feeling that if we did this or that differently everything would’ve ended alright/better/with less consequences. If you deny that, well you’re just laying to yourself.

In this case I’m no different than most people. However, recently came up on a book that thought me something pretty interesting –

we are not that stupid to make a decision, different than the one we believe is the best for the time being.

In other words we know only so much at any given time for any given thing, and we make decisions only on the information we have available at the moment. EVERY DECISION we make is THE RIGHT ONE given the information we have available at the time of that decision.
Few days back I watched a show with the ex minister of defense in USA. He said something like this:

I could’ve stoped the war in Iraq. And if you ask me now I’d say that given the things I know now I should’ve prevented it. However, the things I knew back then were different, and the decision to invade Iraq was the most adequate option, given the intelligence available to us back then”

So I’m thinking, if we all ditch this idea of regretting our decisions because they were bad and employ the idea that we’ve chosen the best option for the time, we could start living with one less thing to worry or blame ourselves for.



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