What I truly want?

It’s easy to imagine what I want.
I can even guess how hard it is to gain.

To go to work
and smile
and play the games they want.

To be a man,
to be a truly you
to understand
is not the same no more.

Get a grip!
And work!
Those other thoughts should be forbidden.

No one wants to know
of who I truly am.
Who cares if you suffer,
if you smile and say “G’day”?

And what is Love these days?
The one that movies show,
the one that makes it all ok?

Who cares?
Anyone can buy it now
with yacht
and a flat in the centre of L.A.

So answer me my friend-
is it me you really know?
Are you sure that this is not another show?
Another act, that we are forced to play?

So what is really the thing I want?
A car?
A house?
A job to pay the rent?
… A friend?

Where do I draw the line
of what is really mine?
My thoughts…
My actions…
My body and my soul…

It’s all crumbled in bowl
of the society’s review.
And now, I have no clue
of what I really want.


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