Leap of faith

I went to the boat show in Southampton today. It was beautiful (except the weather, but hey that’s UK after all). Boats big and small, modern and with great character. Having a great company was definitely a plus.  Anyway, while we are walking through the different stands we saw this very pretty paintings of boats and flowers. Vivid colours, great composition, I’m not a specialist but those were beautiful! The artist saw was looking around and came to see if we would like to buy anything and we said that we were just admiring. So a short conversation started and he explained that 25 years now he haven’t worked and he just gets paid doing what he loves.  He said you should take a leap of faith. Well it sounds good, but who’ll pay the bills till this leap works? Not even a minute later we walked by another table, where an old couple was selling their book… Guess what it was called… LEAP OF FAITH.  Ok, I don’t d really believe in those things but it was like the Universe was trying to tell me something.

Later on that day me  and my friend that was accompanying me to the show started talking. Thinking about all the things I like and love doing. Something that can turn up to be a good business idea. But it was so hard to think of something that we love doing so much that we would risk everything and just do it. I love travelling and books and playing basketball and cooking. I like the social media as a whole and the fact that you can be with anyone no matter where they are, but there is nothing and I mean nothing that excites me that much that I take a LEAP OF FAITH and drop everything else. I never actually thought about it before. To be completely honest it made me slightly depressed that I don’t feel strongly about anything (excluding my family and friends) that I would give it all for it. But then, that just means that I have to keep looking until find that piece of my puzzle I call life.


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