Using Social Media to Boost Your Public Relations

Recently I had to lead a seminar on PR, and being the social media junkie I am sometimes, linking those two areas just seemed natural. Thinking about it, PR is probably one of the few areas where social media particular can have an immediate impact on the way businesses are perceived. How easy is to monitor how many times your business or your products have been mentioned on Twitter and Google + or the number of comments made on Facebook? Is it positive recommendation or a negative commentary? Social media gives you the opportunity to clarify your position, put an end to false rumors and separate the myths from the facts.  At the end of the day Public Relations are all about information persuasion and adjustment to gain public support and create relationship and what’s better than social media to create exactly that?!?

You can easily improve your company’s reputation by engaging the public, making people believe that they are actually working with people. When I have to contact a customer service center  I dread the fact that I have to spend 10 minutes listening to a machine telling me which buttons to press! Being on Twitter I can easily complain, ask a question or write a recommendation without having to go through all that process of spending half an hour on the phone! A great example of creating outstanding connection with the public was Obama’s campaign. His PR team managed to increase both the trust and loyalty towards him, and the votes that came along with that. Businesses can definitely learn a lesson from the modern politicians!


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