Should Your Business Adopt Social Media?

Over the last the decades the marketing techniques have drastically changed. The scale, automation and modernization have made the customer – business relationship hard to maintain,  hard to individualize. Forty – fifty years ago a regular customer could have been easily greeted by name and provided with a special and personalized experience. Nowadays, businesses have grown and efficiency has become more important even than the customer itself. However, the recession creeping out few years ago, the growing competition and customers become more and more conscious of where they spend their money has changed the way companies run their business. Creating strong and long-lasting bonds with the customers became vital for the survival of most companies. Making your business ‘social’ has almost became a rule.

That is why when couple of days ago a friend of mine asked me whether or not adapting a social media marketing was wort it and whether it would benefit his company I said YES. Let me expand on that. If you want to make your customers happy and build a stronger relationship with them then the social media is definitely worth a try. Moreover, social media is free (mostly) and fairly easy to use. Different platforms and application to suit everybody’s taste and lifestyle has made networking and talking to your customers a child’s play. Using computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and whatnot else everyone can access the social media anytime and from anywhere. Recently I read somewhere that all B2B (Business to Business)  and B2C (Business to Consumer)People to People interaction interactions are fundamentally P2P (People to People) and I agree 100%. At the end of the day, no matter of the industry or the sector, businesses rely on the human interactions whether those are between a buyer and a seller, an employer and an employee or simply between two staff members. Understanding that connecting people and building a relationship based on trust, convenience and value is the first step to making anyone’s business ‘social’. The great thing about social media is that it has provided and easy option to create loyal customers and maintain a personalized experience even from thousands of miles away. It has changed the way people communicate and interact and more and more companies are seizing that opportunity. So why don’t you try?


2 thoughts on “Should Your Business Adopt Social Media?

  1. Social media is a must for any company that wants to make money in this day and age. But marketing via social media has to take new forms. It’s not just about tweeting what are essentially ads. It is, as you say, all about connecting people and building a relationship.


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