Busting The Myth – Social Media Is Complicated

Don't give yourself a headache, it's not as complicated as it seems.

Social Media is just another way of saying Social Communications. People talking to people. So in its very basics anyone can do it. Yes there are some social media experts out there, but they are just people who figured out how to use the various platforms. If you’re not so technologically savvy you can always ask somebody to show you which button to press, how to turn some particular feature on  or add an application on Facebook, but that’s all you need. Do you talk to your clients on the phone? Do you talk to people via email? Do you chat with your suppliers, employees or customers on various events? If your answer to at least one of those questions is yes, then ask yourself that – do you really need anyone telling you how to start a conversation? Because in its foundation social media is a simple conversation via different means. And when someone tells me that the technology is just too complicated my answer is that if my 65-year-old grandmother, who has never seen a computer in her life, can learn how to use Facebook, Skype and email to connect and keep in touch with her children and grandchildren, anyone can do it. No matter how difficult and scary the social media technology might seem in fact most of the platforms used are easily accessible and user-friendly. And one more thing, focusing too much on the technology might alter your attention from what is REALLY IMPORTANT – the actual content of what you’re trying to say.


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