Social Media Savvy or Simply an Internet Junkie?

Hello my new social friends. My name is Margarita and this is my blog!

I was somehow puzzled regarding the topic and content of my first post, so after doing an extensive research I decided that instead of boring you to death with my background and life goals, I’ll write about an article I read recently – Social Being or Internet Junkie?. The reason behind it is that I, myself am rather attached to my social media networks and the Internet in general. I enjoy tweeting and sharing pictures and various comments with my Facebook friends (most of which are actual, “see them on monthly bases” friends), or updating my LinkedIn connections about the newest trends in marketing and social media (I still haven’t quite got the hang of Google+, but there’s still time for that!). I am able to access enormous amounts of information about consumer behavior, correct targeting strategies or new Government regulations in matter of milliseconds! It is incredible what technology and internet has done for us. Doing market research for my Masters Dissertation – piece of cake (so to speak, it was way harder than making any kind of cake!) checking tickets’ availability or doing shopping (very useful by the way, especially if you don’t like the massive crowd trying to swallow you whole!). I don’t think, no let me paraphrase that – I won’t be able to lead as happy live without the Internet and the Social Media. I really don’t want to go back to writing letters and receiving a responses in 2 weeks (if you’re lucky), and no – phones not always work…

Yet, I have to agree the Internet and the Social Media is not all flowers and sausages (if you’re a teacher (and  not only) this is a very nice blog to have a look at). People have become lazier, children’s’ (and equally adults’) social interactions have drastically changed in the last couple of years. People have 100s and 1000s of friends on Facebook, “friends” who they have never met and will never do so. Creating a virtual world of networks and people does not make one social. Lack of actual social interactions can have very negative consequences but some don’t even realise it. On another note it is funny (or sad, depending how you decide to accept it) to annotate that the new generation of children  can’t see the difference between an iPad and a magazine.

So I do see both, the pro’s and the con’s and I believe that people need to find the golden middle when it comes to the Internet and their real life, but by the looks of it that will become harder and harder with time (and the development of technology). And as for me, I think I’ll stick to what I do now and will try not to get (too) addicted to the Internet and the Social Media (unless it’s too late by now!).


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